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Part-Time Front Desk Associate - Brentwood



Los Angeles, CA, USA
Posted on Tuesday, July 9, 2024
We are currently looking to hire one (1) Part-Time Front Desk Associate at our Myodetox Brentwood location, for 3 shifts/week, preferably aligning with the following schedule:
- Wednesday AM (6:45am-1:45pm)
- Saturday (7:45am-4:15pm)
- 1-2 days additional midweek availability to allow for scheduling flexibility
Front Desk Associates (FDA) are responsible for providing exceptional service and hospitality at Myodetox clinics. FDAs manage all aspects of clinic Front Desk operational and client-service related tasks and provide consistent support to our team of Clinicians treating at each clinic.
Who We Are:
Myodetox was started in 2015 - a clinic with a team of Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Licensed Massage Therapists on a mission to change the way people take care of their bodies. We exist to reinvent the rehab industry by delivering a differentiated experience and quality of care.
Our therapy philosophy is to provide a 1:1 full-body approach to help people Futureproof their bodies. Our Clinicians provide treatment using their unique skill sets and educate clients on what it takes to minimize re-injury and become more resilient #futureproofyourbody.
With 20 locations (and counting) across the US and Canada, Myodetox is leading today's conversation to share with Every Body why taking care of yours is essential to your daily life.

What You'll Do:

  • Provide all clients exceptional service and hospitality in line with Myodetox standards
  • Introduce new clients to our service offering with clear, on-brand messaging via phone, walk in, written communication
  • Constantly monitor and manage the clinic schedule including implementing best practices around shift optimization, initial booking strategy and waitlist management
  • Ensure all claims, invoices, transactions and/or Superbills are submitted and filed accurately.
  • Maintain clean, consistent client notes for seamless service to each client
  • Consistently monitor and maintain clinic organization and cleanliness: this may include regular sanitization of the space, cleanup of movement tools and equipment, wipe down of surfaces, replenishment of therapist pods and treatment rooms, and other necessary tasks
  • Engage in any tasks related to client follow up, business driving or marketing initiatives as assigned
  • Maintain consistent communications with all other FDA and clinic staff to ensure seamless handoff from one shift to the next
  • Share insights from daily shifts, therapists and client feedback to Clinic Director/Regional Operations Manager as relevant

Who We're Looking For:

  • You have 1+ years of experience working in a customer service and/or hospitality role
  • You must be able to work a minimum of 2 shifts per week (equivalent to ~16 hours per week)
  • You care deeply about ensuring positive client interactions and experiences
  • You are proud of the team and workspace you’re a part of, exemplified through a well maintained, presentable clinic
  • You pay attention to every detail - small or big. After all, how much we care is the fuel for our passion
  • You’re passionate about the work we do, the services we offer and can clearly communicate the long term value to our clients
  • You perform your job duties with consideration and care for business driving booking strategies
  • You thrive in a fast paced environment
  • You are innately curious, always seeking to solve problems, answer questions and better your work product
  • You show up as your authentic self day in and day out, making your voice heard
  • You prioritize your own physical and mental health so you can show up as your best version in the workplace

Myodetox Benefits + Perks

  • Complimentary Staff Treatment Sessions
  • Sales Commission
  • 401k Program with a Company Match
  • Cell Phone Allowance
  • Bonus payout for referral of new team members
  • Clinic closures on certain holidays
  • Sick Time
  • Pet Insurance
  • Erewhon Corporate Membership Program
  • Subsidized mental health support
The Nuts & Bolts:
This role reports directly to each respective Clinic Director, and collaborates closely with all clinic staff including Clinicians, and Regional Operations Manager.
The responsibilities and duties of this position described here are representative of those that this individual is expected to perform. This is not a comprehensive list and other duties may be assigned from time to time.
Core Values and Principles:
At the heart of our operational ethos lie our core values, encapsulated by a commitment to:
* Care Deeply (Passion)
* Protect The Asset (Sustainability)
* Do Less, Well. (Focus)
* Never Stop Learning (Curiosity)
* Stay True (Authenticity)
In addition to these values are our Myodetox Principles, which serve as an integral part of our identity and offer us a north star in our pursuit of delivering high-quality care.
1. Outcomes > Interventions.
We believe that although there are many ways to reach our clients’ desired goals, at the end of the day, accomplishing that goal matters far more than the path we take to get there.
2. Redefine what it means to be an 'athlete’.
We believe every human is a 'life-athlete' who deserves high-quality care so they can do what they need, want, and love to do.
3. Without assessment, we have nothing.
We believe that assessment is the key to taking away the guesswork. Our ability to deliver value depends on our capacity to identify areas of opportunity to create a meaningful change.
4. Great humans are made here.
We believe that at Myodetox, the therapy we deliver is a superpower providing a vehicle for us to develop people. We understand that movement health is only part of holistic health.
5. Feedback is a gift.
We believe that growth is a direct result of feedback. It's important that we're open to giving and receiving constructive feedback with our clients and each other.
6. Freedom within a framework.
We believe that our clinicians' freedom to decide on any intervention they see fit is essential to successful outcomes. Sound clinical rationale should be the north star. Our framework consists of experiential components we agree to deliver on collectively to fulfill our promise to our clients.
7. Early consistency is key.
Early session frequency of any client's treatment plan sets the tone for their FutureProof journey with us. We know that early and consistent therapy is crucial to treatment plan compliance, and ultimately, our clients accomplishing their movement health goals.
8. Respect everything, stand for something.
We know the human body is nuanced. There are many ways to accomplish a physical goal. We believe this creates space for many approaches to achieve movement health. To us, being evidence-informed and results-based is what matters.
9. If people don't feel it or understand it, it doesn't matter.
We believe in human-speak, the hallmark of simplicity. Our success in connecting with people depends on our ability to speak to our clients in human terms and use words that people use in everyday conversation.
10. Discharge is a broken promise.
Movement health has no finish line. We believe that 'FutureProof' is a never-ending journey. We have a responsibility to serve as a constant guide throughout our clients’ lives, delivering unique value at every phase of their FutureProof journey.