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Registered Massage Therapist - Oak



Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada · Oregon, USA · Vancouver, BC, Canada · British Columbia, Canada
Posted on Friday, July 5, 2024
At Myodetox, our mission is to change the way people take care of their bodies and to make movement health a daily habit. Our vision is to empower clients with the tools to take care of themselves and do what they love, longer.
We are looking for dedicated clinicians to join our team and help us deliver a world-class experience. This role is located in Vancouver and reports directly to the Clinic Director.

Core Values: At Myodetox, our core values drive everything we do.

  • Care Deeply (Passion): We are deeply passionate about enhancing our clients' well-being and helping them achieve their movement health goals.
  • Protect The Asset (Sustainability): We prioritize sustainable practices that support long-term health and resilience.
  • Do Less, Well. (Focus): We focus on delivering high-quality care through personalized treatment plans tailored to each client.
  • Never Stop Learning (Curiosity): We foster a culture of curiosity and continuous improvement, staying at the forefront of rehabilitation practices.
  • Stay True (Authenticity): We maintain authenticity in our interactions, treatments, and commitments to our clients and team members.

Myodetox Principles: These principles serve as an integral part of our identity and offer us a north star in our pursuit of delivering high-quality care.

  • Outcomes > Interventions: Achieving our clients’ goals is paramount, regardless of the path taken to get there.
  • Redefine what it means to be an 'athlete’: Every individual deserves high-quality care to support their active lifestyle and personal goals.
  • Without assessment, we have nothing: Thorough assessment is foundational to effective and meaningful client care.
  • Great humans are made here: Our therapy empowers personal development and holistic health beyond movement.
  • Feedback is a gift: Growth comes from open, constructive feedback with clients and colleagues.
  • Freedom within a framework: Clinicians have the autonomy to choose interventions aligned with clinical rationale within our agreed framework.
  • Early consistency is key: Initial treatment sessions set the tone for clients' ongoing health journeys.
  • Respect everything, stand for something: We embrace diverse approaches to movement health while prioritizing evidence-based practices.
  • If people don't feel it or understand it, it doesn't matter: Effective communication in everyday terms is essential to client connection and success.
  • Discharge is a broken promise: We commit to guiding clients through lifelong health journeys, delivering ongoing value at every phase.

In This Role, You Will:

  • Utilize your clinical expertise to deliver high-quality care and personalized treatment plans.
  • Perform thorough assessments to understand your clients' symptoms, medical history, and treatment goals.
  • Develop and communicate individualized action plans to help clients achieve their movement health objectives.
  • Accurately document clients' conditions and progress, adhering to charting expectations.
  • Engage clients using available technology and software to enhance their experience.
  • Follow clinic business processes and workflows to maintain a smooth operation.
  • Build and manage your own caseload by engaging with local referral sources.
  • Participate in ongoing mentorship and clinical education to continually enhance your skills.
  • Collaborate closely with your Clinic Director to identify and meet your training and development needs.


  • Licensed and in good standing with your affiliated college.
  • Appropriate liability insurance.
  • Ability to thrive on feedback and adjust client care and performance accordingly.
  • Client-focused, demonstrated by behaviors such as cross-referring, follow-ups, and managing outreach.
  • Commitment to personal and professional growth through learning and collaboration.
  • Team player who contributes positively to clinic culture, mentors students, and covers shifts when needed.
  • Goal-oriented, setting and achieving targets in partnership with the Clinic Director.
  • Strong communicator who values a positive customer service experience.

Why Myodetox is Different:

  • Competitive Compensation: Competitive fee split, annual $500 Continuing Education reimbursement, and bonus payouts for team member referrals.
  • Employee Wellness: Complimentary paid staff treatment sessions and subsidized mental health support.
  • Professional Growth: Ongoing opportunities for mentorship, education, and career development.
  • Inclusive Culture: A positive, inclusive environment where every team member is valued and empowered to succeed.

Interview Process:

  • 1. Video Interview with Clinic Director (30 minutes)
  • 2. In-clinic Practical Interview with Clinic Director and Lead Clinician (60 minutes)
  • 3. Final Decision/Offer